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Humans Being Human Beings



One folded poster and two postcards in an archival plastic bag. First edition of 1,000. Each copy is individually numbered with a sticker. The poster is 30 x 22.75 inches, offset printed on white 50lb newsprint. The postcards are 7.5 x 5.25 inches, digitally printed on white 120lb cover stock. #beingbeings

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Adventures in Productive Misuse


Adventures in Productive Misuse

1. With parasites as your inspiration, conceive a plan for the productive misuse of some preexisting thing: an object, a place, a system, etc. Your “host” may or may not benefit, but it/he/she/they should not be harmed.

2. Create a proposal to enlist the support of a specific audience in order to realize the plan. Your presentation should effectively communicate and express the idea while existing as a well crafted work on its own.

The goals of this two-part project are to thoroughly develop an idea—however outlandish it may be—and then design a compelling and articulate proposal for its realization. Along the way we’ll be thinking about:
—what’s free or cheap and easily accessible
—ways of “doing it wrong”
—entrepreneurial uses of design processes and products
—why and when to identify an audience
—the value of proposals both for and as graphic design

Adventures in Productive Misuse was a project given to the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts class, Design 4, in the Spring of 2015. The poster—designed with D4 students Franklin Canales, Drianne Laliberte, Jocelyn Lau and Olivia Taylor and paid for by the Art & Art History Department—presents an overview of the final work of all 13 students. Thanks to Graphic Design faculty members Mary Banas, Edvin Yegir and Mark Zurulo.


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Everything I Know about Graphic Design

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Sheila Hicks & Irma Boom in Conversation

Designed with Ji-Eun Rim.